Lifestyle Changes for Sleep Apnoea

Snoring and sleep apnoea have been linked to certain lifestyles and individuals. In order to stop your sleeping problems it might be the case that a change to your life alone can seriously enhance your sleep. These changes are termed Conservation Management.

Losing Weight

Snoring and sleep apnoea has been linked to those who are overweight, as the muscles on the neck are relaxed, the extra weight presses down on the throat causing a closure of your airway. Losing some of this weight can help to prevent this from happening.

Alcohol & Cigarettes

Controlling your consumption of alcohol and giving up smoking can both have a dramatic effect on your overall health as well as allowing you better sleeping patterns.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your side can help to prevent snoring, whereas resting on your back will only make the pressure to your airway greater. Using thicker or more pillows to elevate your head can also help.


Although not completely proven, it makes sense to cleanse your bedroom of anything that you might react to. Certain allergic reactions will result in a closure or partial closure of your airway, making your snoring potentially worsen.

Changing your lifestyle is obviously preferable to any surgery or machine use, that might otherwise have to be involved in order to help you to combat your snoring or sleep apnoea. These changes, however, are a lot easier said than done. At the Sleeping Disorders Centre, we will offer support, guidance and a strategy to help you make lifestyle changes.