Mr Ashraf Morgan

Senior Specialist ENT, Snoring & Sleep Apnoea.

Mr Ashraf Morgan


Fellow of the Royal College of surgeons Ireland
Member of the American Academy of sleep medicine
Member of the American Academy of sleep medicine
Member of the British Medical Association
Member of the British Rhinological Society
Member of the British Voice Association
Associate member of the British Society of Otolaryngologist and Head & Neck Surgery

From 2006 I have been involved in establishing the sleep disorders service at the hospital. Since then I have gained a lot of experience in the management of snoring and sleep disorders. I run snoring and sleep apnoea clinics, perform sleep studies and prescribe and monitor CPAP treatment. As part of treating snoring and sleep apnoea I perform different types of surgical procedures including the most recent Coblation techniques.

I believe patient doctor relationships are very important, so the consultation is done in a friendly and relaxed environment to ensure that every patient feels comfortable. Giving the patient as much time as necessary and discussing options of treatment is a priority.