Surgery for Snoring

Surgery is a serious option to prevent snoring, and really should only be considered once you have tried the other alternatives such as losing weight or avoiding alcohol. Snoring surgery can only be used for certain types of snorers, thus if your snoring originates from the base of your tongue, surgery might not be as effective.

There are many types of surgery, but generally speaking they are all concerned with changing the shape or size of the soft tissues within your  upper airway to reduce turbulent airflow and resistance caused by this. The different types of surgery include:

  • Having your tonsils removed
  • Having your soft palate modified and parts removed maybe including the tonsils (Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty/UPPP)
  • Stiffening the palate so it is less prone to collapse
  • Straightening the cartilage in the nose
  • Removing nasal polyps

Snoring surgery when performed by one of our skilled and experienced surgeon, can lead to very good results, and often eliminates the problem immediately. Our specialists will be able to determine which form of treatment is the best option for you, evaluating your snoring and other determining factors. Surgery is not always the right conclusion to reach, and only ought to be performed after lifestyle changes have been tried but have failed.

Click here, to watch Mr Oko's Lecture on Snoring Surgery.